Cascade Builders – Leading the way in ICF Construction

Cascade Builders - Leading the way in ICF Construction

Insulated concrete forms or ICF are wind, fire, rot, and insect resistant.  ICF can be used to construct part or all of most commercial, residential, agricultural and institutional projects.  ICF can also be utilized as a fire separations between buildings or compartments within buildings for a fraction of the cost of some wall systems.  ICF projects can be constructed faster then conventional building methods as the framing, insulation and vapor barrier components are all built into ICF.  ICF walls provide  R-value of 28 with no thermo breaks (voids in insulation which include studs, columns and lintel/beams).

Did you know that the average wood frame 36'x36' 2 story home will have over 216 sq.ft. of uninsulated wall space?  That's a small home and almost 7 full piece of plywood that are uninsulated which will result in a lot of heat loss.  ICF homes virtually have no thermo breaks in the wall systems insuring a draft free, noise free, and leak free home.

Does it cost more?

Typically no.  With the new changes to the energy code in Canada ICF is now being found to be the same or cheaper then conventional construction practices.  Not to mention your future operating costs for the life of the building will be drastically reduced.   Insurance costs are also lower as the building is fire proof, rot proof, wind proof and insect resistant.  If you look at the whole picture you will actually save money using ICF.